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The vision we have for the Troutman Life Center is to have a community around us where every life is sacred, valued, welcomed, and viewed as a blessing from God.  

A part of the mission of the Church and its Senior Pastor, Mike Burner, concerning the Life Center is to minister to the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of those facing difficult decisions regarding unplanned pregnancies. The way we see this mission being accomplished is through offering life affirming alternatives to abortion,  promoting God’s plan for sexual purity, offering God‘s restoration and reconciliation to those who are hurting from past abortions and giving hope to those who are broken.

We are building 32 comfortable rooms on the top floor of the Life Center in Troutman. Each room will have a bed, a mini fridge, and a joining bathroom. We want to create a comfortable, safe environment for the women staying here. Below are some pictures showing our vision for the building and rooms.


We are going to have a recreational room for gathering, socializing, and other events. There will always be available teachings from Calvary Chapel Lake Norman in the rec room. We are also going to have a breakfast area where the women can enjoy a nice, quiet breakfast time.

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